Nutritional medicine and anti-aging are concepts that are been used during 50 years, and are based on hundreds of studies about different factors that modify our immunological system. We must know that our body becomes the best defense against degenerative diseases.

We must also know oxidative stress concept: Oxygen is absolutely necessary to life, but can be dangerous to us too. During energy creation process on a cellular level, an indirect substance known as free radicals appear. These are molecules loaded with oxygen that, if they’re not immediately neutralized by an antioxidant, could generate a growing number of unstables free radicals that could generate damages on cellular walls, on blood vessels walls, on proteins, fats, and even on the DNA located on core cell.

Medical literature, in more than 180 epidemiological studies, show that 70 chronic degenerative diseases are consequence of this process. Diseases of coronary arteries, cancer, type II diabetes, Parkinson, arthritis, Alzheimer, fibromyalgia, macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis (EM), and lupus, among others, become the result of small changes on oxidation level that occur during a long period.

Because of our way of life, a contaminated environment, and the fact of living on a society very depending on medicaments, our generation must deal with a bigger number of free radicals than any other before on history.

If we want to prevent oxidative stress, we must consume more antioxidants with nutrients in order to compensate free radicals produced. Antioxidants are the answer. The point is to know is our body can provide us all the antioxidants that we need from the food that we consume. The answer is no. The only way that exists to prevent oxidative stress is to ingest nutritional supplements.

Nutritional medicine and cellular nutrition could be defined then as the process to provide all micro nutrients on optimal elves to cells, in order to provide benefits to our health. It’s not an alternative therapy. It’s a modern trend of medicine, that maintains good health and helps in case of degenerative diseases, by using traditional therapies.

Nutritional medicine is been applied also on nutritional supplementation in sport, and anti-aging therapies.