Lightsheer diode laser depilation offers a very effective, secure and well tolerated treatment, and eliminates hair in a permanent a progressive way.

On first session hair loss can be noticed on about 40%, and even 60% in second session. It’s a treatment that achieves a reduction of about 90% of hair with about 5 to 6 sessions on body zones.

It improves skin immediately, eliminates folliculitis and can be applied on any body zone.

Duration depends on treated zone: from 5 to 15 minutes on facial area, 20 to 40 on underarms or groins, 45 minutes half legs, and 2 hours full legs.

It’s a treatment approved by FDA (Foods and Drugs Administration) and European Community. This method has been described as safe, effective and tolerable.


Lightsheer diode laser is a IV-b type medical laser, approved and certificated by medical community. It’s a brand new generation laser that uses best technology: 810 nanometers wavelength that arrives to the area where the deepest follicles are located, and with a cold tip that allows to cool skin when the shots are made, allowing to pluck even brown skins without damage.


Laser shot is able to destroy the hair follicle because the germination buds of hair have strong capacity to absorb, and can concentrate a great amount of energy on one single point. The goal is to burn hair, without burning skin. The whiter the skin and blacker the hair, the better results and less risks.


  1. Avoid exposition to sunlight when treatment is been applied. Don’t expose to ultraviolet lamps, self-tanners, or hydrating products with self-tanners.
  2. Avoid to pluck areas that need treatment by any method that extracts hair by root: waxing or clamps. It can be cut, shaved, or apply waxing lotion, even on a daily way. Ideal solution is stop cutting from 3 to 5 days before treatment.
  3. If you are applying lotions with glycolic or retinoic acid, avoid them 7 days before treatment.
  4. In case of herpes, warn it to your doctor before treatment.
  5. In case of high sensibility to pain or very sensitive areas like groin or moustache, warn it to your doctor who, unless there is no contraindication, he would prescribe an anesthetic lotion on the treatment area.
  6. Don’t wear clothes too tight or apply deodorant or lotions that contain alcohol on treated areas.
  7. Avoid to shower with too hot water the day of the treatment.
  8. Use a gel with aloe vera if possible during the first 3 days after treatment. The skin tends to get dry.