Our Vision

Aesthetic medicine becomes an important factor related to health and offers treatments to different kinds of problems. These problems affect not only our personal image but our mental wellness too.


We are a medical group focused on aesthetic medicine. We are well prepared to offer therapies to our patients with best proved results, to your complete satisfaction.


We want to share to share in this site some aspects about our passion for aesthetic medicine, nutrition and technology. We also want to communicate our background as professionals in medicine, and our experience in other aspects in modern medicine too.

Meet our team

We are a group who understands and is concerned about patient’s needs. Our treatments are focused on needs and relationship between doctor and patient.

That’s Medical Esthetic Group

We are a team with more than 20 years dedicated to medicine. Our passion for a personalized and integral attention to patient leads us to offer a wide experience and dedication to improve personal image, health and self-esteem from people we take care. We bring last innovations from medicine and aesthetic surgery, offering our experience in modern medicine. We also believe in applying new technologies.

Permanent learning from our specialists make possible to offer a wide range of therapy possibilities based on genetic and genomic medicine, on brand new studies about stem cells and growth factor.

If you need any kind of request or information, please contact our team trough our website and our centres.

Why we offer best service:

On esthetic medicine

Brand new techniques and developments

We offer brand new techniques and developments on esthetic and regenerative medicine: stem cells, platelet-rich plasma and growth factor, fat transfer injections, etc.

Quality standards

We apply quality standards, using proved techniques with best products and scientifically tested therapies, in order to satisfy expectations from our patients.

Certified education

Education from our surgeons is certified by most prestigious associations, national and international (SEMCC, Colegio de Médicos de Barcelona, ishrs (international society of hair regeneration surgery).

Prestigious team

Our medical team took part from most prestigious national universities (Universidad de Barcelona and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).

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